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Significance Of Using Trending Songs On Instagram Reel The songs playing on the reels reflect the popularity of the audio on the reels. However, just because a certain song or sound has been heavily used, it does not mean that it is trending.

Instagram rolled out new features that make it 100x easier to reel in the music or sound you want. Whether you're looking for the perfect song to dance to or you're just in the mood to lip sync to an iconic quote - this guide will help you find and add the right soundtrack to your reels. Still don't have access to the full catalogue of Music for Reel because you have a business account? There's a hack for that! Turns out, turning your account into the 'Entrepreneur' catalogue is one solution to getting access to all the available music as suggested by the best advertising company in Kuala Lumpur, LinsAd.

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What Are The Trending Songs On The Reels?

The songs (or audio/sound) playing on the reels reflect the popularity of the audio on the reels. However, just because a certain song or sound has been heavily used, it does not mean that it is trending. You may find audio that is shown in hundreds of thousands of reels, but that is not in trend.

Why Focus On Trending Songs

1. Increases Chances Of Going Viral

Voices that are starting to trend (i.e., those that have a low reel count but trending symbols) have a good chance of increasing the virality potential of your reel.

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2. Better Branding

If you create a bit of original audio to accompany your reel, you'll make your brand even more memorable by engaging people's ears also as their eyes.

3. Improved engagement

You now know that Instagram prioritizes reels that use songs or sounds that people like to add (or remix) to their reels. When they do, those users are engaging with your brand and sharing your audio. Now that you know how using trending audio can help your brand grow on Instagram, let's figure out how to find these songs.

Place To Find Trending Music For The Reels

1. Check Out The Explore Page

The good old explore tab can be a goldmine for Instagram's growing trend, and Reels is no exception. While this segment shares real estate with Grid Post (so, not everything you see will reel), it's a great starting point for finding trending sounds in your niche.

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2. Scroll Through The Reels

To watch more inspiration of idea for business, head straight to the reels section on the Instagram app. It's the video icon between the Search button and Instagram Shopping. Here, you can swipe through the reels to your heart's content, and see which songs are popular right now.

3. Browse Instagram's Music Catalogue

When you've finished creating your reel, you'll see a section for adding audio. Here, you'll see some music suggested for you! While these are partly based on the songs you've used in your previous reels, you can sometimes find trending music here if you've created them before.

4. Get Around on TikTok

Easily Cool Gen Z Kids use TikTok more than any other platform, it's often the birth of trending songs! Songs are often huge hits on TikTok before going on the reels. TikTok also features a handy trending page that will sometimes pop up in your notifications if you have a business account. So, it's worth being on TikTok if for no other reason than the trend!

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Final Thoughts

Creating and posting an Instagram reel is a fun and effective way to connect with your audience. But as we've established in this guide, the sounds you use on your reels are just as important as the video—and it's always better to use trending audio. Once you've aligned your reels with trending audio and start growing your followers, it's time to convert your fans into customers, because that's what we aim to drive organic traffic.

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