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If they can’t find you online, you don’t exist

Implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) into your website will help you raise your visibility in Google search results, driving more traffic to your website.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of getting organic traffic to your website so it appears higher and closer to the first page of every search engine.

What is SEM?

SEM is the marketing process with a goal of getting more visibility in search engines through paid traffic (Paid search advertising).

Higher Page Rank

We the SEO Company Malaysia improve your page ranking and drive more qualified traffic to your website by a well planned XML sitemap.


Visible in Google

Let your page be seen. People will trust and click on the link which appear in the first page. We will create your website’s XML sitemap and submit it directly to major search engines such as Google to enable a more qualified traffic.We are the Best SEO Company in Malaysia to provide you top organic traffic.



SEO Report

Any problem and error pages on your website's indexed pages will be monitored. You can get to know it through an online SEO dashboard.


Be Easily Found with SEO & SEM

  • Get in Google
    We will create your website’s XML sitemap and submit it directly to major search engines such as Google to enable a more qualified traffic

  • Page Rank
    The search engines use your XML Sitemap to drive more qualified traffic to your site by indexing more pages with improved page ranking.

  • SEO Report
    Enjoy an advanced online SEO dashboard that monitors and reports on broken links and error pages on your website’s indexed pages.

  • Google Blacklist Check
    Over 750,000 sites are blacklisted and penalised by Google, check and make sure you are not on the blacklist.


  • Expert team

    Expert team

    One of the significant benefits is that you will have a complete team of analysts, Writer, SEO experts, Ad Specialists with excellent expertise and experience.

  • Budget-friendly


    Research shows that the company that hired an online marketing company in Malaysia has a minimal price per sale rather than one that makes marketing on its own. So, preferring the option would always be cost-effective!

  • Advance Insight Data

    Advance Insight Data

    There are a few incredible tools from which marketing professionals gain important insight into the data. These tools will offer you relevant information such as performance, accessibility, duration, location, etc.

  • Competent lead

    Competent lead

    These days, online marketing doesn't really follow a cold marketing approach or you can use old market strategies. They focus on the target audience of your business, which produces high-quality results.

Facts SEO

What is SEO?
SEO is the process of ranking your website on Google’s 1st page, for the keywords that are relevant to your business

  • How long does SEO take?

    Depends. There are factors not within an SEO agency’s control that determine how long you will take to rank on SEO are:

    • Competitiveness of your industry and keywords
    • Your website domain age
    • Your company’s brand awareness in the industry
    • Your PR campaigns
  • Do you guarantee SEO rankings?

    No we don’t. And you should be careful of SEO agencies that promise page 1 rankings. The fact is nobody can guarantee SEO rankings unless they are from Google. When SEO agencies guarantee rankings, they don’t give you the option of choosing keywords. They choose obscure, long-tail keywords that don’t have any searches. Other than vanity metrics, you can expect negative ROI from such SEO campaigns.

  • What is black-hat SEO?

    Black-hat SEO techniques are techniques that are geared towards gaming Google’s algorithm. If an SEO agency use any of these techniques, make sure you run away from them:

    • Keyword stuffing
    • Links exchange
    • Private blog network
    • Hidden texts and links
    • Spammy, poor quality, and thin blog content
    • Link cloaking
    • Spam blog and forum commenting
    • Duplicate content Using black-hat will get you penalized from Google, which means your website might get banned and de-indexed from Google totally.
  • What should you ask your SEO consultant?

    Before you engage any SEO agencies, you should ask some important questions:

    • What is your SEO process?
    • What do you include in your monthly SEO reports?
    • What are some of the old-school SEO tactics that don’t work anymore?
    • Can I get to choose my own keywords?
  • Does blogging help SEO?

    Yes it does, but only if you write quality content that is useful and informative for your customers. Most of the time, quality content that ranks on the 1st page of Google have at least 1,500 - 2,000 words.

  • How can I do SEO for my website without much effort?

    SEO requires alot of effort and technical expertise. Usually when people say SEO without much effort, it involves black-hat SEO. There are black-hat SEO tools out there where you can get tons of backlinks within a few clicks. But we highly recommend you to stay out of such practices.

  • What is an SEO-optimized article?

    An SEO-optimized article consists of an SEO-friendly URL, SEO keyword in - title subheadlines, h1 tags, meta tags and descriptions - good quality content, optimized images, outbound links to authoritative sites, internal linkings, fast loading page, long content.

  • Why does my SEO rankings fluctuate?

    Sometimes your SEO rankings will fluctuate, and this phenomenon is called Google Dance. It is the period where Google is rolling out it’s new algorithm changes. Sometimes, when you first start doing SEO, you might also encounter fluctuations in your rankings. But if you hired a good SEO agency, you don’t have to worry.

  • Once I rank #1 for my keywords, do I still need SEO?

    Yes. The reasons are:

    • Your competitors will constantly try to outrank you by doing better SEO.
    • You will have new content on your website, which requires SEO optimization.
    • You need to constantly build good quality backlinks to your website.
  • Is SEO and SEM currently out dated?

    Diversifying and refining SEO techniques is key to getting customers in a world where they don't even need to leave a search engine to get what they need. SEO is not dead in 2020, nor will SEO ever be dead, as long as the internet continues to exist.

    About 3.8 billion people are browsing and searching on Google every day. This means no matter what service you are offering people are searching for you online. Even for a very specific query like “Pre-shipment inspection agency ” there is a lot of search that happens everyday on google. It is important that you drive this traffic to xxxxx.com


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