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6 best cross-platform mobile app development tools Picking the right app development tools is a very crucial part when it comes to building a good app

Picking the right app development tools is a very crucial part when it comes to building a good app. When you want to decide which tool is best, there are certain factors that come into play. Most of the times the platform you want to build for dictates which type of tools you are going to use. You will be using different tools depending on if you’re building for Apple or Android. If your app is being built specifically for Google Play Store then you have to use Android Studio for development. On the other hand, for iOS apps you need Xcode.

Although modern development framework technology means that you will be able to develop for both the platforms simultaneously. This makes the task much easier for developers as they don’t have to go through the same process twice on two different platforms.

How do you pick the right tool

There are various options to choose from. It can be pretty difficult to narrow down the best ones. There are some factors that should influence your decision.

  • Speed Considerations
  • Feature Support
  • Framework Risk
  • Development Cost

These are the elements into you should take into consideration while analyzing cross-platform development tools

Let’s have a look at the 6 best cross-platform mobile app development tools.


Applicator Titanium has to be one of the best choices available out there. The Titanium SDK operates using JavaScript. Their system makes it quite easy for you to create native apps for Android as well as iOS. Moreover, it allows you to reuse between 60% and 90% of the same code for all your apps. This app has proved to be a huge time saver. The developers out there who have gone through the rigorous coding process before would know how much time and effort it takes to code from scratch. Since Titanium is an open-source development tool, thousands of developers around the globe are always making contributions. You can also repair bugs or glitches in this system if you ever come across one while working, which in turn will help the other developers who use this tool in the future.


It is owned by Adobe. So if you have used Adobe products before, you would know how reliable and easy to use they are. One of the best thing about this cross-platform development tool is that it is free to use. It’s pretty easy to translate code from CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. Also, this is one of the best options out there, if it’s your first time in building an app as a developer. PhoneGap has a hydration feature which allows for faster build cycles and debugging.


Unity3d is the option you should consider if you are developing a game. This is one of the most popular cross-platform development tools because the graphics here are absolutely unbelievable. It’s so good that it can be used for more than just a mobile app. After you’re done with your game and it is running on all the different platforms you have selected, the Unity3d can help you to distribute it to all of the stores with the help of its platform. It can also be used to track user analytics and also in getting social shares for your app. It also has a network of developers and experts called Unity Connect. Joining this network will make it easy to find help and get the answers to your questions if you’re having issues with something.


In order to develop apps with Sencha, you’ll have to use HTML5. They have lots of products but the main one for the developers has to be Ext Js 5. It works well with different devices and platforms and that’s exactly why developers prefer it. Doesn’t matter where you are, if you are a Sencha user, it’s easier to work with different members of your team. Sencha will help in boosting productivity as it offers a lot of pre-built elements that will save a lot of time for you when it comes to coding. Sencha also provides you with great testing tools. Proper testing is very important as it assures good quality and helps in reducing the time and costs associated with testing from other resources. This tool is quite popular as the top Fortune 100 companies use it to build mobile applications.


This tool is quite unique in comparison to the tools we have mentioned above because it is meant for businesses that develop apps for their employees. 5app puts importance on data security, It uses JavaScript and HTML5 to code and export apps. Moreover, your finished product would be compatible with both iOS and Android devices, depending on what your company employees use.


The last spot on this list goes to Xamarin. The best thing about this tool is that they offer a free package for starters. Also, this tool has the delivery capabilities of app store once you’re done developing your app. Xamarin is popular because of its features for monitoring your app’s performance and the ability to run tests. Moreover, it lets you do testing on over 1,000 devices to help with potential bugs if any. It uses C# or Ruby for coding. Such is the popularity of this tool that it has been used by well-recognized and reputed companies like IBM, Foursquare and Microsoft.  So this was the 6 best cross-platform mobile app development tools. It isn’t easy to choose the right one for you, with so many options available on the market. So go through the above list which will help in guiding you in the right direction.

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