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Traditional Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing Move over traditional marketing and go social! Click this link and learn how social media marketing is better than traditional marketing

Traditional marketing vs. social media marketing Every business wants to increase their ROI. But this has to be known that which method brings more ROI… the traditional or social media marketing? Selection of proper marketing strategy for a business is very important. ROI is completely dependent on effective marketing strategy selection.

In case marketing strategy selection, the business owner needs to be clear about the concepts of traditional marketing and social media marketing. If a business wants to apply social media marketing strategy for optimizing the business, LinsAd could be the best option.

This is the most popular name in social media marketing, Malaysia. Right marketing strategy selection is more important than the services and product line of business. Let’s go deeper into the concepts of traditional and social marketing.

Traditional Vs social marketing strategy

The effective marketing strategy will leverage the ROI and helps in better penetration of the target audience of a business. There are people who are still following the traditional marketing strategy in the age of digitalization. To keep a business competitive, the business needs to adapt the upgraded technologies, leaving the outdated ways behind.

Social marketing is ahead of traditional marketing

Though traditional marketing has enough positive impact in the world of business, still it is lacking behind than updated social marketing techniques. Different aspects like cost, interaction with customers, business platform and the business relationship got a new horizon through social media marketing.

The drawbacks are stated below

Small interaction with customers

The limitation is clearly visible in customer interaction. Traditional advertising involves large banner, print media advertising, and promotional methods. The people might see those and could be converted into customers. There is no customer interaction with the customer in the traditional marketing method.

In contrast, social media marketing largely focuses on direct customer interactions and customer engagement platforms. That helps to generate a higher level of customer satisfaction and a huge satisfied customer base. In the case of customer retention and new customer creation, social media is the best option.

No time limit

The effectiveness of traditional promotion involves no time frame. The published promotion can be modified. These can only be replaced by new promotion. That creates a negligible difference in conversion.

But in the case of social media marketing, a little modification in the existing advertisement could impact largely in the customer conversion rate and buying motivation. The impact is faster than the traditional advertisement method.

Inefficient disclosure of pricing

In the case of unique and customized pricing of product and services, the traditional marketing method proves less effective than social media marketing. Social media marketing more customized pricing options to increase customer conversion rate and sales volume.

High-cost aspect

Recurring cost of traditional marketing practices could be a burden to a business. This long term investment in marketing might or not might initiate profitability. The advertisement placed on local print media can create brand awareness to a little target audience and only for that day. That impacts less in case of brand image creation and customer conversion rate. Here the output of promotion is lower than the continuous promotional costs.

Now a day, a one-time uploaded content on the social media or digital media could draw the attraction of a larger target audience for years. No additional costs are associated with that. Only the negligible and one-time upload cost is associated. The business could enjoy the output of that for years with no recurring promotional cost.

Low customization

The effectiveness of traditional marketing strategy cannot be measured. There are no such tools or methods to evaluate that the implemented strategy is going right or not.

But the social media marketing strategy could be evaluated with a number of popular tools. That will help to evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented strategy and further modification could be done based on the results.

According to several studies and surveys, it is clear that the impact of social marketing is higher than the traditional marketing. If a business is surviving with traditional marketing strategy, then the business needs to consider the social media market for thriving the business. Social media marketing is the combo offer for business optimization in the world of internet.

LinsAd is a well-known social media agency of Malaysia. They provide the best social media services for the optimization of business. They provide guidelines, strategy and services to make the business competitive in the market. For further details, please visit the official website of LinsAd.

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