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TOP 2020 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TRENDS YOU SHOULD KNOW Nowadays, social media is a great platform to reach through the audience so social media marketing is the modern way to grow your business

NEW YEAR, new start so let’s begin with the new trends of social media marketing. If you want to give your business a fresh start or want to boost the business, then you need to know about the latest trends. Nowadays, social media is a great platform to reach through the audience so social media marketing is the modern way to grow your business. Here you can find out about the top 2020 social media marketing trends you should know.

social media marketing trends

Top 5 trends of Social Media Marketing

So here are the top 5 social media marketing trends you should know and follow to bring a new evolution to the business.

1. Videos are never out of trend

Yes! Videos are never out of the trend for social media marketing. The more interesting will be the concept the more people will attract to your business. Everybody knows that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Do you know why? Yes, for the videos. Videos are a very powerful medium to grow your business and reach through people fast. Videos are engaging and entertaining and people love to watch videos because they can get the concept easily through the videos. Also, videos are easy to share. Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are pushing the majority of videos. So now you know how to attract customers easily by creating entertaining videos for your business.

2. AR Technology is the new Revolution

So what is AR Technology? AR technology or Augmented Reality is the new trend for the modern way of social media marketing. Let me clear this for you, Pokemon Go is a 2016 augmented reality (AR) mobile game developed and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. This game was very popular among teenagers as well as adults also because of its realistic design. Walking on the outdoors and the focus is on the screen of the phone, finding the virtual creatures in the real world. The best feature of this game is that it integrates obtained reality features into its user experience which makes the whole thing unique. Pokemon Go offers a 3-dimensional experience. This game was an example of AR technology.

social media marketing trends

Nowadays social media platform is a very competitive space for brands. Augmented reality is a great opportunity to stand out your brand and customers will definitely get an out of the box experience. Brands like Zara, Cocacola, Sephora use AR technology to provide the customers with the virtual experience. There is a lot of features of augmented reality which can be very useful to lead your brand to the next level. Customers can try different products offered by you virtually and can easily make a decision. You should definitely follow this trend and grab the opportunity to get the profits.

3. Data apportionment and the use of AI

AI- Artificial intelligence you are definitely aware of this one. What exactly is AI going to transform ads in social media? You will find out here.Nevertheless, looking for information will become much simpler with artificial intelligence, and it will be useful for social media marketing. Ultimately, the way Google and its rivals work and how we search the information will change completely. SEO must take these developments into account. How exactly is AI going to transform social media marketing? AI has become a generation with this advantage, in recent years, social media platforms have brought AI into their algorithms the future of a human generation. It will make work easy without a load of humans but the same intelligence as a human. In 2020 and also near future AI will lead social media marketing in a better direction. So already impressed by this concept? You should apply this strategy and see the results.

4. Use of social media for customer service

Social media is the trending marketing tool in the modern age. Aside from posting photos or videos, you can use the social media platform for customer service also, but this could be tricky sometimes so you have to use it well and wisely to get the benefits. So how you’ll use this wisely for social media marketing?

social media marketing trends

In order to ensure an attractive reputation, a company should have strategies in place to address the issues of customer service through social media. This is another, more convenient way to get in touch with customers, and vice versa. It will also boost your brand's reputation and, if the time is right, increase your chances of becoming viral. Your fast response to customer queries matters. The more advanced and fast service customers will get the more they will come for your brand, besides it’ll be easy to understand the needs of your customers. Using the right hashtag will lead the customers directly to your brand. Hashtags are easy to navigate and everything organized. You need to provide active customer service otherwise it will give a negative impact on your brand.

5.The social niche platforms will be successful

Facebook and Instagram have long dominated social media as the largest and most popular sites. Nevertheless, a number of other social media platforms have not only arisen in recent years but have also gained significant popularity. A great example is TikTok which started in 2016 and gained popularity so fast.


Go ahead and stay always up to date follow the latest trends and your business will boost. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are targetted as the best visible mediums to push the business means. You can always hire a social media marketing agency to make sure that your brand stays on top of every social game. Linsad is one such popular social media marketing agency in Malaysia that has built a great rapport with its clients for bringing the best to the tables when it comes to maintaining a brand presence on social media platforms. Visit the website to know more.

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