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Ways To Manage A Brand During An Unexpected Crisis Many brands, at some point in time, can have to face a crisis and the way one responds can either give you the desired image to boost or significantly damage your brand

Many brands, at some point in time, can have to face a crisis and the way one responds can either give you the desired image to boost or significantly damage your brand, ultimately devolving your customer base and business partners. Most of us don’t oversee huge brand announcements, but sooner or later, every team faces an unanticipated crisis: where technology breaks, a competitor makes a disruptive move, a promising project fails, a key employee quits, consumers have a negative reaction to a new product and etc. Some people are good at handling the unexpected, but most aren’t. Under stress and time pressure, it is difficult to stay calm, diagnose a problem, and come up with solutions.

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Building a brand from scratch is a laborious process that includes a series of steps from generating good content to reaching the right audience and a lot of things run in the background. But when a public relations crisis strikes, anyone’s initial reaction may be to stonewall or act defensively among the media and public and refuse to comment. That is exactly where the situation gets worse!

Brands that have successfully handled numerous situations with crisis management strategies, will understand this is the wrong way to address the problem. They urge the opposite of it — an immediate, earnest, sincere, and full public disclosure as stated by the best AD agency Malaysia, LinsAD.

Some insights on handling the crisis

Meeting the crisis Head on

Although every crisis has some unique aspects, there are general principles that apply to most of the situations. Whatever is the crisis, the media and the public want to know what happened and one should truthfully face it.

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Communicate fast, often, and truthfully

Timely and honest communication among all stakeholders is the key to successful crisis response. Remember, if you don’t tell your own story, someone else will (and it might not go in your favor).

Stick to the three C’s (Concern, Control, and Commitment)

A brand's first priority should be its consumers and how they are affected. For a responsible company, controlling the situation and staying true to its commitment comes first even before the brand reputation, it’s the people who make or break it.

Be Ready For Social Media Backlash

The worst thing a brand can do is ignore the possibility of a firestorm on social media. Smaller organizations and especially those that are not active on social media. Even if a company is not marketing on social media does not mean their customers won't put them in check on those platforms when something goes wrong.

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Avoid Knee-Jerk Reactions

Companies or brand representatives often provide emotional, frenetic responses. Going silent on social media is not a bad thing when you are monitoring a crisis. Stop all external communication until you can assess what’s going on. Be sure that the first external communication following the crisis is a well-thought-out response that resonates with your consumers.

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