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Multimedia Web Designer

Job Description

  • Reporting to immediate superior on day to day work progress ;
  • Research, designs, develops new web application including flash presentations and various web-related content ;
  • Edits, maintains and updates existing web application and all internal systems are integrated ;
  • Maintains current knowledge of web site development (operating systems, software) ;
  • Provides technical support and instruction to staff ;
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems ;
  • To meet dateline and ensure timely submission of tasks ;
  • Working closely with clients and co-workers ;
  • Responsible for the achievement of established revenue goals and the development of strategies to achieve them through efficient daily management ;
  • Attends and completes all aspects of training programs, if any ;
  • Punctual, regular, and consistent attendance is required. 

An associate's degree program related to web design, such as an Associate of Applied Science in Web Graphic Design, provides a student with a foundation in the design and technical aspects of creating a website. Students learn web design skills and build professional portfolios that highlight their skills and abilities. Common topics include:

  • Fundamentals of design imaging
  • Basic web design
  • Animation
  • Multimedia design
  • Content management
  • Editing for video and audio
  • Multimedia programming and technology

A bachelor's degree program in multimedia or web design allows students to learn advanced skills needed for professional web design. Students develop artistic and creative abilities in addition to technical skills. Degree programs, such as a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media, cover:

  • Databases
  • Webpage scripting
  • Programming
  • Digital imaging
  • Multimedia design
  • Web development


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