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Top 5 digital advertising trends of 2018 by Advertising Company in Malaysia Advertising company in Malaysia keep themselves updated with new trends and tools and apply them practically.


Top 5 digital advertising trends of 2018 by Advertising Company in Malaysia


Online Advertising in Malaysia is at its peak as more companies are entering the digital world to be at par with their competitors. The ever-evolving world of advertising is always trying to look for and adopt new opportunities to increase the spectrum of digital advertisement.
Trends in advertisement keep upgrading as newer technologies come to the fore. Advertising company in Malaysia keep themselves updated with new trends and tools and also apply them practically.
LinsAd agency, a popular advertisement agency in Malaysia brings to you the top 5 advertising trends of 2018 that are sure to well pass into 2019 as well as into the coming years-

The G+F combination

Google and Facebook constitute the majority of the advertising market. In 2017 both organizations held up to 63% of the digital market and the number has only increased since then. Researchers in the digital market is in awe of the magnificence of the two companies as Microsoft stood third at a distant 4%.
The advertising agency in Malaysia focuses on a cross-channel game that would get them more customers and higher revenues. Hence focusing on google ads and Facebook ads is becoming a trend for advertising company in Malaysia.

Multimedia is more engaging

Visual ads are more entertaining than the textual is a known fact. They generate better entertainment. Video ads are the most popular and the most engaging of all visual ads. 2018 has been all about focusing on the video ads.
Videos are expected to represent 80% of the internet traffic by 2019 and therefore Ad agencies are more than ready to invest whole-heartedly in video production, to create more compelling, interesting and original content for their video ads.
Using social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook to engage users in your video ad campaigns, you can get the attention of 80% of the user’s attention on the digital platform. The video trend will only soar higher in the near future.

Voice up your ads

With Virtual Reality and Augmentation being the latest endeavour of technological advances, the advertisement industry also needs to learn to implement it. Using voice search gives your advertisement spectrum more opportunities to flourish and 2018 has been all about extracting that, a trend that will well follow into 2019 as well.
It is important to adapt, gain all the knowledge that you can gather and train your team to learn the voice and visual technologies as more and more companies are establishing themselves into the virtual reality world.

Be legally compliant

The growing importance to privacy and the rising awareness regarding data protection have forced agencies and organizations to be more compliant. The stringent rules of the GDPR Law is more than enough for them to be serious of data security.
Now even with advertisements, ad agencies are making sure that they are legally compliant and it’s a good step towards the future of the advertising. The advertising company in Malaysia are moving towards compliance and are trying to be thorough with GDPR so that they can showcase their advertisement worldwide without any difficulty.
Making the advertisements legally compliant worldwide gives them a better chance at targeting audiences.

Connect advertising and sales- The nurturing strategy

Lead nurturing and targeting is a marketing and sales aspect but of late, this sales technique is being chipped in together with advertising to pulls the reins of the nurturing strategy tighter and get better results for the team.
Nurturing is a sales them that is used in marketing for getting back the users who do not complete the buying cycle of reach the end of the transaction. Necessarily users are remarketed and pushed more towards completing the purchase of the product or service.
The trend of 2018 has put the advertisement in the forefront to wring the remarketing ropes tighter and achieve the target. Thus online advertisement is bringing the two marketing pillars together to create an impenetrable strategy and gather as many customers as possible.

Apply the above top trends into your advertising campaign to achieve better results in terms of engagement and revenue. Learn more about digital advertisement and online marketing from LinsAd.

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